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Transforming transport network advertising with real-time

data integration

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Our client faced the challenge of connecting brands with the diverse audiences that visit travel hubs at different times and seasons.

This required the integration and processing of real-time and offline data from over 10 different sources, including live streaming from on-site data sources. They needed to dynamically trigger campaigns on their digital screens based on this audience data.

Our team developed a comprehensive solution to meet our client's complex data integration requirements. The solution involved creating a robust platform that could handle real-time data streaming from multiple sites and facilitate offline file transfer from multiple service providers.

Key features included automated ad delivery based on pre-defined campaign patterns and seamless integration with external systems such as SalesForce.


Utilising advanced technologies and tailored strategies, the solution provided our client with the tools to deliver a completely new digital advertising offering across the Motorway Services network.



The solution has delivered significant results and benefits to the client. Seamless data exchange with external vendors streamlined their advertising operations, enabling more dynamic and impactful campaigns.
The integration of real-time and offline data not only increased the efficiency of ad delivery but also provided valuable insights through consumption analysis.

Benefits included:

  • Streamlined operations: The end-to-end solution simplified data exchange processes, reducing manual intervention and streamlining overall advertising operations.

  • Dynamic campaigns: Automated ad delivery based on pre-defined campaign patterns enabled our client to create more dynamic and targeted advertising campaigns.

  • Enhanced Management: Integration with external systems, including SalesForce, improved management capabilities and response times.

  • Improved analytics: The solution enabled comprehensive consumption analysis, providing valuable insights for refining advertising strategies.



The solution implemented not only solved our client's immediate data integration challenges but also positioned them for greater success in the evolving motorway advertising landscape.


Contact us today to discover how our bespoke solutions can help your business. Whether you are looking for streamlined operations, dynamic campaigns or improved analytics, we have the expertise to drive your success.


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