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From freeing your data to experimenting with the latest AI, our specialists can design and deliver AI POCs and transformative projects for data-driven business value.

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We have a unique insight into how to deliver business value through Large Language Models (LLMs) and their predecessor, Natural Language Processing (NLP). Our recent track record includes helping a start-up disrupt with an innovative ChatGPT use case, and a large company leverage multiple LLM use cases to increase the productivity of their core processes.
Talk to us about how we can cut through the hype and help your business find value through Generative AI PoCs that harness the incredible power of these models while managing their pitfalls and costs.


Benefit from proven machine learning (ML) techniques to unlock the potential of your data to create business value. Our experts can help with a wide range of use cases, including: segmentation, prediction and classification (of text/images/video); recommendation systems (personalised content, product suggestions); and forecasting trends and behaviours. 


Organisations need to harness their data effectively and securely to drive operational efficiencies, improve decision making and enable advanced technologies such as ML and AI. Often following a quick assessment, our specialists can optimise data sources and pipelines into a robust, cost-effective data lake to underpin data analytics.


Adequate data analytics and visualisation (on top of a robust data lake) unleash the timely flow of robust insight for business decisions.  Our data visualisation and UX/UI design experts can create engaging graphics and interfaces to enhance your data interpretation and provide valuable insights for informed decision-making.


Supervised training is vital for some ML and AI applications where precise outcomes based on historical data are crucial. 
Our specialised service can help end to end, from preparing the training data to training the model and optimising via feedback loop. We have cost-effective access to high-precision teams to handle the large volume of volumes of text/images/video required to train and optimise these models. 

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