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First tech platform grew client’s business valuation

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MOBSTA was using external technology partners which did not meet all their requirements, were too rigid to adapt and slow to respond.

They desired a different technology to help them grow their businesses. They were looking for a bespoke and faster offering with a combination of:

  • compelling insights and visualisations of data from clients, postcodes, and audience location/mobility;

  • a tangible asset to increase their business valuation: their wholly owned platform and intellectual property, data, insights, visualisations and client deliverables, incorporating codification of their business know-how;

  • an AdTech platform that scales up in future to become a self-service tech platform enabling the client to design its own campaign. 

To design and develop this novel software product we formed one agile team combining client, on-shore and off-shore experts to ensure the right set of skills at the right project stage, with effective communication and quick turnaround of new features.

The project consisted in 5 stages:

  1.  Product Discovery -  a workshop and follow-ups to understand the business needs and map them into a priority list of desired product features. 

  2. Sprint 0 - Exploring and selecting the most suitable technologies to make it happen.

  3. Multi-disciplinary Agile Tech Team - an offshore team of constant capacity yet changing skills  according to what was required by each stage of development.

  4. Delivery of the MVP (Minimum Viable Product) - a first product to be tested by “friendly users” i.e. our client’s internal sales team.

  5. Delivery of the production Platform - making the infrastructure foundation ready for a live product in terms of multiple users (from different end-clients), security, scalability, availability and disaster recovery.

The first key business challenge of having compelling visual designs was quickly tackled during ‘Sprint 0’ thanks to quick prototypes on data visualisation for input and output scenarios. The second key challenge also addressed early, was more technical yet critical to enable the business vision: to stress-test the capacity to ingest and transform a large volume of raw data required for analytics. 

Effective use of agile delivery including deep involvement from Mobsta’s own team to enable an MVP to be delivered within 10 weeks (5 sprints). This rapid release was immediately used by the internal sales team to sell more advertising and gain valuable feedback to tweak requirements for the last few development sprints prior to commercial launch.



Mobsta was able in just 10 weeks to launch a campaign design tool that integrated multiple data sources and that its sales team could quickly use to improve consultative sales.


This resulted in Mobsta starting to win a greater share of advertisers' campaign budgets, growing revenues.


We were also able to optimise data handling and processing to reduce CO2 emissions to contribute to Mobsta’s successful B-Corp certification. Since then, they have been able to rapidly evolve the platform and introduce new data sources to respond to client needs. More recently, we are evolving the product for an exciting international expansion.


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