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Remote software engineers powered US midterm election coverage

#java #goland #python


An American non-profit news agency headquartered in New York City. It distributes news globally to media organisations including newspapers, TV, radio and online publishers.


Our client wanted to make a number of upgrades for the midterm elections in USA 2022, including compelling new data visualisations to present election results and analysis, and substantial upgrades to its news distribution platform to make its content more accessible and customisable by media partners.

To do this, they needed to bring together several additional software engineers with expertise in various technologies to join remotely and integrate quickly with their existing teams and ways of working.


Thanks to our extensive talent pool in South America and our team of senior recruiters, we rapidly engaged 5 senior developers on assignments for 3 to 9 months, applying Java, Golang, Python and several other programming languages, improving the UI behaviour, solving bugs, adding features on US Elections visualisation components and many other tasks.


This team was all from South America, with high-level English and working in the same time zone.


They were able to deliver a refreshed platform and migrate it to the Cloud, reducing costs of the operational environment, delivering new data visualisations, and making possible the extremely successful midterm election coverage.


Our client has subsequently decided to retain the majority of our engineers for further projects in 2023.


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