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Hi there, I'm PABLO!

Founder & CEO


I am an Argentinean / Italian that from a young age fell in love with everything international. Born and raised in Córdoba, my first teen job was to encourage other teens from my home city to experience life in the US as an exchange student - something I did aged 15 in Alaska! By now, I have lived more years abroad than my 25 years in Argentina.
Today, I settled down in the charming English market town of
Newbury, where I have been living since 2004 with my 2 kids (teens now!) and, more recently, our dog and my partner.

Once upon a time...

My career started 'nerdy' with an Electronics and Telecoms Master at Georgia Tech (USA) followed by applied radio channel R&D for Motorola.
In the mid-90s I started surfing the mobile telecoms wave and rode it during 20 years of exponential growth - transitioning along the way from technology -network leader and technology strategist- to commercial & PnL marketing and leadership roles for Verizon mobile companies in Argentina and Mexico. 
In Europe, after a year in Norway, I joined the Vodafone Group in Newbury (UK) during their expansive years.
My teams, in cooperation with large Vodafone European subsidiaries, lead the transformation of European roaming, developed strategies to drive customer value, and designed and implemented loyalty propositions - across Europe and beyond.

It all started...

By 2012 the mobile sector growth had slowed, and my mid-life rethinking (crisis perhaps?) drove me to venture away from corporate employment into independence.
Firstly, I developed a
boutique family fund of farmland assets in Eastern Europe, whilst mixing it with strategic consulting for London's FinTech sector, leading commercial strategy transformations for Visa Europe and Equiniti consumer division.
Along the way, I gained the
conviction and confidence to give a go to an old yet persistent idea: to help UK companies with business challenges where technology is critical to success, and do so using the amazing IT ecosystem of talent, partners and universities I knew existed in Argentina - particularly around my birth city of Córdoba.
This planted the seed for
Pluralit. A few years later, the idea spread its wings: the UK became Europe, Argentina became South America, my one-man band became a gang of 35+ Pluralitians, and my Pluralit startup evolved into the vibrant scale-up digital company that we are today.


My days are constantly changing!

The first 2 years of Pluralit felt like I was spinning multiple plates non-stop. From dusk to dawn, the mission-critical tasks were neverending: company setup; brand and positioning; developing our first clients; crafting contracts; starting operations; and so on and so forth. 
Beginning our 3rd year we recruited 7 trainees under our Connecting Women programme, so my balance shifted to mentoring some of our talented ladies whilst training and empowering them to take on some of the workloads.
As these amazing women grew into full Pluralitians the
y were able to offload many of the admin, talent and operations tasks, hence allowing me to regain capacity.
Therefore, this past year I was able to focus more on
business direction, leadership team, and expanding our proposition.
 I could also reprioritise business development and spend time with existing clients and team members.
Our amazing operations, staff and talent teams are to thank for this!

Never stop evolving!

Pluralit has mature practices in Talent and Software Product Solutions. We are growing a Software Engineering practice and planning a Managed Services one.

Our technical team is also kick-starting the Pluralit Labs with the development of a multi-cloud platform "in-a-box" which, for instance, can rapidly enable a startup or scaleup to have secure, scalable infrastructure and data insights from day 1 of their PoC / MVP / Launch journey. 
All in all, we are a pleasant yet ambitious bunch obsessed with how to bring the future forward!

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