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Hello everyone,



The first thing that you should know about me is that I love technology. I originally trained as an Electronic Engineer but my degree and student placements also included business courses which I really enjoyed too, so early into my career I took a marketing diploma which led me into product management.

Since then, my career has been at the intersection of technology, consumers and commercial marketing, mainly in mobile communications and digital technology.

My first
dream job...

That move into product management took me to my first dream job: working in an international company in a global role, and my first overseas relocation - to France, to join Philips Consumer Electronics in a new manufacturing organisation of 23 nationalities.

My second international assignment was about 8 years later and involved relocating my young family, including my newborn son, to The Netherlands to turn around the Vodafone business there, part of another big international group.

Relocating is a huge challenge, but also transformative and rewarding - and that experience is important as many of our team relocate across the globe to the UK and Europe.

My early days
in Pluralit...

I’ve enjoyed a very international career that eventually led me to meeting Pablo, and later independently brought me to some of the largest telecommunications companies in Argentina, Chile and Peru as my clients, helping their executive boards on marketing, sales and digital transformation and establishing my own relationship with South America.

I was working with them, and many other telecom companies around the world when Pablo invited me to Pluralit - and that was a new growth opportunity.


Pluralit's growth

Growth is very important to me. I think we’re alive at an incredible time - the digital era - when digital is transforming our world.

One of my earliest mentors at Marconi (who sponsored me as a student apprentice) advised always to ‘go for the growth outfits’. Thanks to that great strategic advice, I’ve been able to create a number of new growth businesses within large companies myself, scaling three to more than £250m turnover, and turning around a couple of others.

I think growth, in business and personal life, is super-important, and that’s one of the things I love about Pluralit - our ‘growth mindset’ of helping our clients, our team and our tech partners to grow, as we grow ourselves.

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