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Nice to meet you, I'm ANDY!

Chairman of the Board

I was born in  Broadstairs, at the South Eastern tip of England. Emma and I moved around a lot when we were first married but eventually settled in Newbury where I met Pablo.

After a spell in New York, we now live in Oxford. We have three children all in their 20s and living away from home.

I started my career as a research physicist which involved developing many systems. In the late 80s I changed direction and started working in IT. My favourite early job was with Airline Reservation system Galileo. 

About my contribution to Pluralit...

My role is now mainly as a board adviser. I help identify opportunities, introduce contacts and review important deals.

In the early days, I provided Pablo and other members of the management team with a crash course in technology services, outsourcing and project delivery. They were fast learners and because of their experience in senior roles in different industries brought many new and refreshing ideas. We all share the instinct to re-engineer everything from the first principles. This is why I believe Pluralit is uniquely designed to address the challenges our customers are facing today.

What drives me?

I believe Pluralit changes lives for the better. Whether it is helping South American technologists get involved with really exciting projects, or the impact we have on our client's businesses.

The enjoyment of working with people from diverse backgrounds is what drives me. We try to make the world a friendlier more collaborative place. I remain passionate about science and take a keen interest in green technology and driving the adoption of greener lifestyles. It is hard to make Argentinians give up beef, but I like a challenge!


About my
professional path

I later joined Microsoft and built a large Services Practice taking on high-risk projects to prove the .net platform was truly enterprise scale.

I recently spent 10 years working in global media helping drive the transition away from traditional print towards real-time digital storytelling. This included four years at Dow Jones, publisher of the Wall St Journal, where I was part of a turnaround team which completely transformed the subscription experience, upgraded a huge suite of failing legacy systems and completed one of the most comprehensive large-scale cloud migrations.
I am still in contact with some of my Microsoft and Dow Jones colleagues and they have helped Pluralit in all sorts of ways.

My beginnings at Pluralit

My story with Pluralit started in January 2018 when I was on a skiing holiday and took a phone call from Pablo. I assumed he wanted to tell me about the arrangements for his Birthday party. Instead, he wanted to run his " crazy" business idea past me to see what I thought.

I told him it was a great idea but would take a lot of work. Pablo said that is why he thought it would be good if I helped him. He is very persuasive and here I am.

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