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How are you doing?,  I'm ANA!



I am an enthusiastic entrepreneur from Córdoba, Argentina, who has enjoyed living abroad several times (from Alaska to Hawaii).

I am really thankful for being raised in a family that has supported foreign exchange programs, such as Rotary and YES, since I was little. I could always feel travelling as a life-improving experience. Then, staying at home is also a chosen experience!
About me? I love s
unny daylight and blue skies and how the wind bends the palm trees. My best life moments lately have been sailing the ocean, kitting with friends and enjoying with locals.


From an Economist
to a successful entrepreneur!

I am an Economist with a former intern experience researching for an Argentinean Think-tank and teaching as an Assistant Professor at the National University in Córdoba.

In 2004, I decided to become a real estate entrepreneur and started Investment Funds to build buildings. By  2017, I was contracted by UNDP to merge my applied economic research and real estate business experience.
Since March 2019, when co-founding Pluralit, I have been deeply immersed in the entrepreneur and talent experience, building up from scratch several multicultural teams accomplishing both the client acquisition & retention challenge and the collaborator's happiness.
At the same time, I have decided to be trained to become a Founder Institute Local Leader. When granted, since March 2019, I have been mentoring and coaching many pre-seed startups working together with the entrepreneur resilience that is needed and the flexibility and creativity to pivot until the company is worth funding.

I am thankful to have the chance to work in so many different product discovery teams under the framework of a world-success validation program.

My start at Pluralit
was in...

March 2019, when coming back from vacation I was asked by Pablo (Founder & CEO, and my brother as well).

In the beginning, I was just a local doer or assistant of anything that was required. And from one day to the next I am asked to find Argentinean Cloud Architects willing to live in Belgium

I had an amazing year of talent acquisition discovery. At the same time, I had a fast immersion in the Argentina tech startup ecosystem, which helped me grow Pluralit's local partners.
My second year at Pluralit shaped my role as Co-founder and CPO, building up processes such as visa and relocation, onboarding, team building, people management, scaling -up talent acquisition, etc.

By December 2021, my maternity break speeded up the challenge to hand over the area on time. That is when Melisa joins our team not only to help grow the team members but also to, together, excel in our team delivery.
I am thankful for having experienced all of Pluralit's team growth from being two (Pablo and me) to over 35 that we are today, for all the processes learnt in every single meeting; going from discovery to deployment. And I am thankful to all the candidates who shared with me infinite different concepts and career goals in every single interview (over a thousand)! 


My role keeps transforming!

I am returning from my maternity licence, on a career shift discovery phase. I find myself covering Pluralit growing new challenges like building new areas, such as discovery Labs; merging new teams targeted to productise some client's specific requirements; and inquiring into new partnerships in verticals such as mentoring and financing LatAm pre-seed startups. 

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