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Great challenges, professional growth and development, and new opportunities. 
Discover the Pluralit experience in all its senses through the words of our team!

Team Stories


"I’m a mechatronics engineer that turned out to become a developer, like many here in Brazil. I have worked for some large multinationals such as Accenture (as a full-stack web developer) and PricewaterhouseCoopers (aka PwC, as a senior automation developer)".


"Pluralit sent me a message via LinkedIn about a job as an automation specialist. I found the offer very interesting: to lead the client's automation efforts; with a good financial offer; and most importantly, with the possibility to relocate to Europe, which is ideal as my daughter lives in Germany.
The first thing I did was contact and speak to a Brazilian colleague who works for Pluralit.  He and his wife had recently moved to Belgium and he had nothing but positive things to say about the company, his current job and the relocation experience.
We decided to move slowly as the position allows me to work remotely for as long as I need.
I am happier than ever, working with things I love and surrounded by great people. It was definitely a great choice!"

Automation Specialist Engineer


Brazilian - Belgium Hub
PAM Consultant - CyberArk (Associ


"I have 7 years of experience working in the Cyber Security field. I'm experienced in working with different disciplines within the area such as IAM, AV, AntiSpam, Cryptography, KPIs, Assessments, etc.
I have been working as a consultant for different clients and industry segments for the last 4 years".


"I was working as a cybersecurity consultant in Brazil when I received a message on my LinkedIn from Ana asking if I was interested in a job opportunity in Belgium to work with CyberArk.
When I read the message, I was not very confident, but after meeting Ana and then Pablo, I saw that it was possible. Throughout the process, each person from Pluralit taught me something or how to improve my soft skills; everything was handled in the most human way possible because the challenges were enormous and for me, I had a language barrier, the issues of the new country or anything related to this unique experience.
Change is never easy, but to be honest, Pluralit helped my wife and me with every single question or process of the relocation. In the end, it went much smoother than I thought.
Today, Pluralit still supports my wife and me in everything and I can only thank everyone at Pluralit for changing my life and my family.
For me, the best thing about Pluralit is that you're treated like a unique person with flaws and qualities; we're not just numbers. Everyone here knows your dreams and goals, which the company tries to align with.


"I have a degree in Human Resources and more than 10 years of experience in the field in different roles in Argentinean companies".


"I met Ana through a mutual friend and we started talking about Pluralit and its potential. As she told me more and more about the project, I was tempted to challenge myself professionally and personally, to get out of my comfort zone.
I decided it was time to join a company that was 100% different from what I was used to. So my challenge is to bring all my experience to the table, push it to the limit and think outside the box.
My typical day is, ironically, very varied. As I have to take care of any circumstance that any team member might need, I have to manage the operations team's processes of all kinds in an orderly manner."


Argentinian - Argentina Hub
Sr. Operation Analyst


Brazilian - Belgium Hub
Senior Data Engineer


"In my 15 years of experience in IT, I have worked as a developer, scrum master and project manager at a software house called DB1 Global, as a systems analyst at Telefonica/Vivo, as a team leader at a wholesaler of solar panels and electronic components called Aldo, and finally at Keyrus, where I started my career as a data engineer as a consultant.
It was at Telefonica/Vivo in 2012 that I had my first Big Data experience with Hadoop. That was when I discovered my passion for data!"


“Pluralit found me via LinkedIn. Two months of negotiations later, we said “yes” and started the process of relocation to Belgium with the whole family.

I was the first Brazilian that Pluralit was relocating but the process went impressively fast, even with all the pandemic restrictions. The process took around 5 to 6 months and on Sept 1st, 2021, we were starting to live in Europe.

Life in Belgium is wonderful! The quality of life, culture, security and education we are being able to provide to our children is something unthinkable.

The language is not a problem if you speak English. Almost all Belgians speak English very well.

We really enjoy going with the kids to the thousands of parks and playgrounds we have in the country. We also love to travel and visit other countries, landscapes and cultures.”


“In my 14 years of experience, I've worked in different areas like IT, consulting and agriculture. At the end of 2015 I started working with public cloud, specifically Azure, first as a cloud engineer and after that as a DevOps engineer and architect. Today, I´m the lead architect of the biggest bank in Belgium on their journey to the Azure cloud.”


My wife and I moved here back in September 2020 when I received Pluralit's job offer. I love a lot of things from our life in Belgium. We live in front of a canal here in Mechelen and I'm surrounded by nature and parks.
It's very peaceful. My wife can safely return home from her master classes that she attends in Ghent late at night without worrying about her safety.
I commute to work by bike and it's great to be in the centre of Europe as not only we can visit a lot of cities quite easily.
Personally, I´ve learned many things as being separated from friends and family makes you grow a lot. You can't even use your own language and you understand that people aren't that different in this part of the globe. Things are never easy and one needs to make its own path.”


Argentinian - Belgium Hub
Senior Azure Cloud Architect


Argentinian - Argentina Hub
Senior Application Support Engineer


“I am a Bachelor in IT and Systems analyst, with 18 years of experience. I have worked for multinational companies such as Verizon Business, Avaya, Turner Broadcasting and J.P. Morgan & Chase.”


“People would ask me then why was I leaving the biggest financial bank in the world to go to work for a relatively small company? The answer is simple. I don’t feel like a number here and being part of the Pluralit family is both an honour and a privilege. The decision of saying “yes” was the best of my life, workwise. Everyone does their job with a positive attitude and like me, they are glad to do so. So far it has been a wonderful 18 month experience and I raise my glass to toast for many, many more adventures as part of Pluralit.”

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