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The Pluralit AI Skills Engine  Driving business value from Artificial Intelligence.


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The potential of Generative AI to transform how businesses operate is monumental. However, most companies are yet to figure out how to materialise this potential into business value. We had several clients asking us to help them derive value for specific business use cases aiming to deliver higher productivity (less cost, more volume) higher quality of output from on business processes, or unique customer experiences.


Our first experiment in our  ‘Pluralit AI FactoryTM was creating a copilot POC for journalists and editors. We then took the ambitious idea of crafting a ‘cyborg analyst’ that replicated the critical thinking, expertise and relational skills of an experienced analyst to produce novel and insightful analysis. Whilst working these cases, we codified reusable building blocks for the solution, including process decoding,  prompt engineering and testing methods. 

This reusable framework, our ‘Pluralit AI Skills EngineTM, enables us to codify how an analyst or knowledge worker thinks and produces high-quality work output at high speed, low cost and without hallucinations. Our framework combines the raw power of OpenAI GPT4 API with an architecture that curates the best data sources and breaks the analysis down into a series of logical steps in the same way an experienced human analyst would approach the task. Once fine-tuned and automated, this skills engine delivers a step-change in production time and cost and can be scaled to enable hypergrowth.

With this blueprint, Pluralit is now helping companies in recruitment, financial analysis, media and strategic consultancy to leverage this ‘Pluralit AI Skills EngineTM and drastically augment their productivity and growth. For example, for the recruitment company, we are exploring how to augment the productivity of their Talent Sourcers by co-piloting the labour-intensive first search plus delivering ancillary automations for process efficiency.


If you have a Gen AI application idea and would like to see how our AI and Data Solutions team can help  to grow your business, let’s talk! 


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