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Hello, I'm JULIETA!

Head of Operations


I was born in Argentina, Buenos Aires, and partially raised between Argentina and Canada.

Since I was a teenager I have gone through migration and relocation experiences, which have made me the person I am now.
I love meeting new people, having new experiences, and helping others. I consider myself a world citizen as I have been travelling all my life, although for the last 3 years I had been
settled in Belgium

I have a master's in Human Resources and over 15 years of experience in HR.

Some of the companies I have worked for are Microsoft, Mercado Libre, Ecolab and Evolution Partners.

About my day-to-day
in Pluralit?

What I love about Pluralit is that every year, month or even day is different from one another. 
As the first employee of the company, we had been together with Pablo shaping, designing and developing every little detail of each individual project.
I had been through every area of the company starting from recruiting, administration, benefits, compensation, people care, sales, and now leading the Operations Team
So to summarise the question: 
the more we grow, the more challenging and exciting my days are!

My new
life in Belgium

In my experience what I like most about Belgium is the balance they keep between life and work.
I also find a lot of respect and trustworthiness in their words.
I always say that Belgians might take longer to trust a new person but once they do, they will help you and be on your side no matter what.

About the start of my Pluralit adventure

It all started while I was experiencing all the benefits of a digital nomad while working for Mercado Libre as a freelance consultant.

When Pablo contacted me, Pluralit did not have any clients and I was enjoying my time between yoga, palm trees and some amazing food in Indonesia. In my mind, nothing could beat my present moment. What I didn't know was that this offer would.

After almost 4 months of conversations with Pablo, and an actual client, the idea was now a reality.

I moved to Belgium in November 2019 when the planet was still normal. 
We first started by renting the “Pluralit house” in Mechelen, the most beautiful and big house we could find. The idea for the house then was to hold company events and build our own “community” between the hundreds of consultants we would hire.

The plan immediately change with the pandemic.
Despite the global fact, we could still slowly relocate our first 4 consultants.
During this period I learned the most about Belgian culture, life, and migration and became the expert or “aunt” or “mother” to whom I would relocate.
For us, human values, empathy, acceptance, flexibility and risk-taking are part of our

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