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Pluralit launches in Argentina at British Council-sponsored event

Pluralit launched in Argentina at the end of March 2019 when we supported an event hosted by the National Technology University (UTN) in Cordoba and led by University College London (UCL) in partnership with the British Council.

Here, UCL shared insight on how to transform university and tech education to prevent student attrition and increase employability. Such learnings, previously presented at the 2018 G20 meeting in Buenos Aires, triggered discussions of how future graduates can be more competitive globally and, in particular, for UK and European organisations. This topic felt very adequate for Pluralit's launch, since one of our key aims is to attract UK and European offshore demand to the Cordoba tech ecosystem. 

We also stressed to the students participating in the talks how fundamental is to develop English as a strong second language to access global tech opportunities and develop their international career. At Pluralit, an advanced level of English is of utmost importance for anyone working for us or partnering with us. 

Finally, this event was a prime example of how the Argentinian and British governments are working together to expand competitive higher tech education in Argentina and bring British demand for tech services and solutions closer to Cordoba's tech hub.