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Our Beginnings

Hey there! I'm Pablo, the Founder & CEO of Pluralit. This first post is to introduce the idea behind our company and the fabulous group of people at the core of it all. 

For the past twenty-five years I have lived internationally, with the last sixteen in the UK, yet I have never lost connection with Argentina, my country of origin. During this period abroad, IT giants from the USA have set software houses in the country, enticed by the abundance of well-trained STEM professionals in the main cities of Buenos Aires and Cordoba. This has led to a revolution - 20 years later, there is an ecosystem of local and international firms with top software / digital engineers across all specializations, working for the US as well as the regional and local market.

In 2018, whilst visiting my family in Argentina, the idea seeded that perhaps this vast 'supply-side' ecosystem could help UK / European firms in their demand for IT solutions and talent. I returned to England where the stars quickly aligned: I managed to bring together some great people to get behind the project whilst market research confirmed a persistent gap in scalable talent with IT and digital skillsets. So, by March 2019 we were fully trail blazing and Pluralit Group Ltd was established in the UK.

Remember I mentioned some great people? Let me start with our 'one-lady-band' in Argentina, Ana Maria. She is our Co-Founder and Chief Talent Officer, finding collaborators and partners to serve a broad range of customer needs. And Maria first discovered a rich network of possible partner companies within Cordoba's tech ecosystem, which we then curated to offer scale and quick time-to-market for offshored projects. She also developed a unique pipeline to attract senior talent for relocation opportunities to Europe and the UK.  

There are more great people to talk about... but I promised a short post so I'll come back to them in a future one... :-)