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Covid-19 as an opportunity???

These are exceptional times in which we are all navigating uncharted waters.

With the Covid-19 crisis, our first priority is personal and clear: please take care of yourself and others, especially those in vulnerable groups. I invite us all to set free our empathy and spirit of solidarity to rise to the occasion!
Two fundamental actions:

  • for self: frequently wash your hands thoroughly for 20+ seconds and don't touch your face;
  • for others: keep a distance of 1.5 meters from other humans - this 'social distancing' works in reducing the spread!

For my colleagues in businesses, from large corporations to start-ups like ours, one can also think of this PAUSE as an OPPORTUNITY (obviously assuming you have the means and mindset to avoid panic). I was inspired by Peter Diamandis' articulation of the dimensions one can focus to re-balance / re-invent during this crisis - so I'd like to share this edited version:

1. Increase time with family: How are you using this time to better connect with the people you love?
2. Focus on self: sleep, meditate, exercise and reduce stress. How are you using this time to take care of your physical and emotional life?
3. Re-invent your business: Could this be the time your company ditches your legacy business model and pivots into a more profitable market segment or niche?
4. Take your company digital: COVID-19 will accelerate our digital lives, providing a chance to digitize, dematerialize, demonetize and democratize every aspect of your busines.
5. Create new businesses to help the world: How could you use emerging exponential technologies to help tackle Covid-19 implications and prevent pandemics?
(source: Peter Diamandis @www.diamandis.com)

I hope you find (at least some of) this useful 'food-for-thought.'
In the meantime, keep washing your hands, practicing social distancing and having a positive mindset!

Founder & CEO - Pluralit